Spouses agreeing on staying away from each other for certain time

Companionship The first question of Fatwa no. 1545 Please, tell me about the religious ruling on traveling abroad for a year or more, leaving one's wife home, in order to provide for one's family. Please, bear in mind that there are others who travel abroad not merely for such a reason; rather, they do so in order to build palaces, buy cars, and provide other worldly luxuries. (Part No. 19; Page No. 163) Undoubtedly, such a long absence might lead to committing adultery by the man or the woman, we ask Allah's guidance and success.

A: If the two spouses come to accord on this travel for a long or short period, when chastity is observed, it will be unobjectionable. However, if one of them fears the consequences of departure although it is necessary for making a living, s/he may ask from the other spouse his right to being together so as to observe chastity and not to commit adultery. If such a request is refused, the one fearing this may bring the case to the court to judge between them according to Shari`ah (Islamic law). However, committing adultery does not necessarily follow as a result of staying without one's spouse even for along period. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.