A intensive course about the Fiqh of Fasting illustrated

A intensive course about the Fiqh of Fasting illustrated

In order to learn about rulings related to fasting and the month of Ramadan.

You are able to participate in this intensive course for free
Course Duration: 50 minutes divided in 6 short video clips with course material and exam Course Material: 6 videos with notes for each video
Course Topics : Understanding Fasting, which consists of the following

أركان الصيام ومباحاته ومستحباته ومكروهاته ومفسداته فضل الصيام وحكمه
The Pillars, the Permissible, Recommended and Abominable Fasting (sawm): Its Rulings and Merits
Permissible Reasons for Breaking fasting during Ramadan and Paying Back Missed Fasts
Itikaf rules in Ramadan Laylatul Qadr (the night of Qadr) in Ramadan

: Course Procedures
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- Benefitting and utilizing the course material
- Answering the exam questions online
- Receive a certificate for completing the course accredited by al-feqh.com

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