Tashahhud as confirmed by the Prophet

Q 8: Is the Tashahhud (testification recited in the sitting position in the second/last unit of Prayer) we recite in Salah (Prayer) the one that was recited by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) while prostrating at Sidrat Al-Muntaha during the Mi`raj (Ascension to Heaven) journey?

A: Ibn Mas`ud (may Allah be pleased with him) said, Holding my hand between his, Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) taught me the Tashahhud just as he used to teach me a Surah of the Qur'an: "At-Tahiyyatu lil-lahi was-salawatu wat-taiyyibat. As-salamu `alayka aiyyuha-an-nabiyyu wa rahmatu-l-lahi wa barakatuh. As-salamu `alayna wa `ala `ibadillah is-salihin. Ash-hadu an la-ilaha illa- Alahu wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan `abduhu wa rasuluhu (All the compliments, prayers, and good things are due to Allah. Peace be on you, O Prophet, and Allah's mercy and blessings be on you. Peace be on us and on the true pious slaves of Allah. I testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and I also testify that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger.)" Narrated by the Group of Compilers of Hadith (Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhy, Al-Nasa'iy, Ibn Majah). In another wording, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, When anyone of you sits during Salah, he should say: All the compliments are due to Allah... Until his saying, ... And on the true pious servants of Allah. He added, So, when you have said this, then you have surely sent the greetings to every pious worshipper of Allah, whether they are in the Heavens or on the Earth. At the end of the narration he said, Then, he may choose any supplication that pleases him and offer it. Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Furthermore, Ahmad narrated on the authority of Abu `Ubaydah from his father `Abdullah ibn Mas`ud (may Allah be pleased with him) who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) taught him the Tashahhud and asked him to let people learn it. The Tashahhud is as follows, "All the compliments are due to Allah... " Al-Tirmidhy stated that the report narrated by Ibn Mas`ud is the most authentic and was acted upon by the majority of scholars among the Sahabah (the Prophet's companions) and Tabi`un (Followers, the generation after the Companions of the Prophet). (Part No. 7; Page No. 7) Moreover, Abu Bakr Al-Bazzar affirmed this view stating that this report was narrated through over twenty versions. In the book entitled "Sharh Al-Sunnah", Al-Baghawy asserted this. Accordingly, this description of Tashahud is the most authentic one that was narrated from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).With regard to whether the Prophet (peace be upon him) recited this Tashahud while prostrating at Sidrat Al-Muntaha during the Mi`raj or not, we do not know of any evidence affirming that he recited it specifically or prostrated in this place on that journey.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.