Raising the hands upon saying Takbir in Salah

A: Raising one's hands upon saying Takbir (saying "Allahu Akbar") in Salah (Prayer) is prescribed in four (Part No. 5; Page No. 371) positions only; (1) upon saying Takbirat-ul-Ihram, (2) upon Ruku‘ (bowing), (3) upon rising from Ruku‘ and (4) upon standing after offering the first Tashahhud (a recitation in the sitting position in the second/ last unit of Prayer) according to the correct opinion of scholars. Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with them both) narrated that “The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to raise both his hands up to the level of his shoulders when starting the Salah; and on saying the Takbir for Ruku‘ (bowing). And on raising his head from Ruku‘, he used to do the same.” (Agreed upon by Al-Bukhari and Muslim) `Aly ibn Abu Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) also narrated that “When the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) stood for offering the obligatory Salah, he would say Takbir (Allahu Akbar ‘Allah the Greatest’) and raise his hands to the level of his shoulders; and he did like that when he finished recitation (of the Qur’an) and was about to make Ruku‘; and he did like that when he rose after making Ruku‘; and he did not raise his hands during any of his Salah while he was in the sitting position. When he stood up following the two prostrations (i.e. After the first Tashahhud to offer the third Rak‘ah) he would raise his hands as well and say Takbir).” (Related by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Al-Tirmidhy who ranked it as Sahih [authentic Hadith])May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.