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A man saying that his father's money is as unlawful for him as his mother is

Q: I am the eldest and poorest among my brothers. My brothers and I have bought a piece of land in Khamis Mashit to build a house on it. Since I cannot afford my share in the building costs, my brothers do not want to give me a share in the house. They have offered me a local house instead owned by my father. My father has got really angry because they are dividing his estate while he is still alive. Being upset of this, I said: This house is unlawful for me as my mother is unlawful for me. Afterwards, my father has agreed to give me the house and I have been forced by my brothers to take it on the pretext that it will be for my children. However, I cannot accept it without knowing the ruling in this regard. Please, advise me.

A: If your father agrees to give you this house and your brothers and sisters - if you have any - who are of legal age agree to this, there is no problem if you take it. You must offer Kaffarah (expiation) for the oath you have taken, and it is feeding ten (Part No. 20; Page No. 315) Miskins (needy persons) half a Sa` (1 Sa`=3 kg. Approx.) of the staple food available in your area. The total weight of Kaffarah is fifteen kilograms of food; each Miskin should take one and half kilograms. Another option is to provide ten Miskins with clothing by giving one garment to each. The third option is to emancipate a believing slave. If you cannot afford any of these options, you must observe Sawm (Fast) for three days. And Allah knows best. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.