Wife visiting her parents once a week

Q: I wear Niqab (face veil), all praise be to Allah. My husband is a Multazim (practicing muslim) and good-mannered man, but he tries to prevent me from visiting my family. I do not want to go out of the house very often. If he permits me to visit my father once a week, will this be against the teachings of Islam? Is the order to maintain the ties of kinship exclusive to men? Do not women have rights over their husbands other than providing them with food, drink, and shelter? Are not they entitled to other nonmaterial rights? Please advise, may Allah show mercy to you.

A: Islam has assigned rights and duties that both the husband and wife should mutually observe and fulfill for one another. One of these rights is to (Part No. 19; Page No. 373) keep good company with one another. There will be no blame on the wife if she visits her parents once a week or once every other week. That is because maintaining the ties of kinship is obligatory for the Mukallaf (person meeting the conditions to be held legally accountable for their actions), male and female alike. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.