Whether army soldiers and border guards in their military posts are permitted to use the concessions of traveling

Q: There are, in our district, many military posts for the army and the border guards. The distances between these posts and Sharurah governorate are somewhat different; some are 80 km away from Sharurah (Part No. 6; Page No. 415) like Akhashim post, some are 250 km like Umm Gharib post, and still some are 500 km away like Al-Kharkhir. The soldiers working in these posts are alone without their families for different periods of time. Some of them may stay for six months or a year while others may stay for an unfixed period. Large numbers, which may reach hundreds of Bedouins living around these posts.My question is: Is it permissible for the said soldiers and Bedouins to shorten Salah or should they offer it in full? Is it permissible for them to offer the Jumu‘ah (Friday) Prayer? Please, advise us, as we are confused and ask frequently about this matter.

A: The soldiers who do not know how long they may stay in the place they garrison which is more than 80 kilometers away from their original residence are allowed to shorten Salah, because the travel rulings are applied to them. The soldiers who know that they will stay for more than four days in this place must offer Salah in full, because the travel rulings in this case are not applicable to them. With regard to the Bedouins living around these stations, it is impermissible for them to shorten Salah, as they are not considered travelers when moving for shepherding without having a specific homeland. (Part No. 6; Page No. 416) Furthermore, the Prophet (peace be upon him), during his lifetime, did not order the nomadic Bedouins to shorten Salah. As for offering the Jumu‘ah Prayer, it will not be valid unless there are permanent residents in this place. In this case, the non-resident soldiers and Bedouins should offer it with and according to those people.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.