When I first began to fast, I broke my Sawm for one day

Q 2: I started observing Sawm (Fast) when I was fourteen years old, but in my first year of Sawm, I remember that I had broken my Sawm some days without a lawful excuse. I cannot remember their number now, as do other women who experienced the same problem. I ask Your Eminence to explain the ruling on that? (Part No. 9; Page No. 215) Is it Wajib (obligatory) on me to make up for the missed days, being aware of the fact that many years passed and I did not make up for them? If so, is it Wajib on me to make up for the whole month, as I do not remember the number of days?

A: It is Wajib on you to make up for the missed days of Sawm and you should offer Tawbah (repentance to Allah) and Istighfar (seeking forgiveness from Allah). As for the number of the missed days, you should do your best to remember their number as far as you know. Moreover, it is Wajib on you to offer a Kaffarah (expiation) for delay, that is, you must feed a Miskin (a needy person) with 1/2 Sa` (1 Sa`=3 kg. Approx.) of barley, or dates, or the like of the staple food in your country for every day.