Ruling on slaves nowadays enslaved without Jihad or war and who is to pay a slave's Zakah

Q 4: Are the people who were enslaved during the late centuries but were not taken during Jihad, regarded as legitimate slaves? Is there any Zakah (obligatory charity) due on the property of a slave that he or his master must pay? Is it permissible to pay Zakah to one slave when he is needy? Please answer us in detail to remove all doubts regarding this issue. Peace be upon you.

A 4: First, a person who is enslaved in war or born by a bondwoman, i.e. Not the child of her master, is a slave whom the master can sell or employ for no returns. It is also permissible for the master of a bondmaid to have intercourse with her (Part No. 16; Page No. 575) without a marriage contract or payment of Mahr (mandatory gift to a bride from her groom). Second, there is no Zakah due on the property of a person, male or female, who is legally owned, because he and his property are in the possession of his master. Third, Zakah should not be paid to a slave, male or female, because they are rich according to the wealth of their master. But if they are poor and the master does not provide for them, it is permissible to pay Zakah to them. May Allah grant us success. May Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.