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When a minor becomes a Mukallaf

(Part No. 14; Page No. 218)  A: A boy becomes Mukallaf (person meeting the conditions to be held legally accountable for their actions) when he is pubescent and rational. Puberty is attained when a boy reaches the age of fifteen, or when he has coarse pubic hair, or discharges Maniy (spermatic fluid) with feelings of desire. An additional sign of puberty in girls is menstruation. If a boy grows coarse hair around his pubic region or discharges Maniy due to desire, he becomes a Mukallaf, even if he is not yet fifteen. When he reaches puberty, it is obligatory on him to perform Sawm, Hajj if he has the ability for it, and Salah. It is prescribed that he should start performing Salah and Sawm when he reaches the age of seven and above and can observe Sawm. As for Zakah, it becomes absolutely due on his money if it reaches the Nisab (the minimum amount on which Zakah is due) and one full (lunar) year has passed since he acquired it. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.