Whether it is permissible to make use of the Rukhsahs of traveling when traveling for a picnic

Q 1: May Allah bless you and benefit Muslims by you. Here in our country, young men are used to going on desert camps during the weekends, they may cover a distance that exceeds or is less than fifty kilometers outside the city to the rugged desert landscape.Your Eminence, my questions are: First: Is it permissible to shorten and combine the Salah in this case? Does their departure drop the obligation of attending Jumu‘ah (Friday) Prayer, since they might have failed to attend one or more Jumu‘ah Prayers for that reason?

A: If the distance they cover is less than eighty kilometers, it is impermissible for them to shorten Salah, for this will not be considered travel for which Rukhsah (concession) prescribed by Islam becomes permissible. However, attending Jumu‘ah Prayers will not be obligatory for them since they are away from their city, unless they are located at a place which is near a town where Jumu‘ah Prayer is being established and the Adhan (call to Prayer) is heard, in this case it is obligatory for them to attend it.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.