Failing to practice what one preaches

Q: Does ‘Abdullah Al-Harary Al-Habashy serve Islam or try to destroy it?

A: The man you mentioned is an evil leader of Bid‘ah (innovation in religion) and deviation in the current age. He has mobilized himself and his followers to destroy the ‘Aqidah (creed) of the Muslims, which the Prophet (peace be upon him), his Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet), and the Tabi‘un (Followers, the generation after the Companions of the Prophet) followed. He and his followers have established for themselves a corrupt Mad-hab (School of Jurisprudence), full of strange and evil opinions that have no basis in the Qur’an or Sunnah. They have many aberrations and falsities regarding beliefs and actions, and they slander the Imams (leaders) of the Din (the religion of Islam). It is therefore obligatory on Muslims everywhere to beware of them and warn others against this deviant group, its perverted beliefs, and corrupt opinions.We ask Allah, the Most Generous, to protect all Muslims from their evil, and the evil of others, as Allah is the Guardian and the One Able to do this.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.