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Q 12: A ship is a movable fighting unit in which training and keenness of everyone to carry out their duties efficiently are necessities, as any mistake could lead to a loss of life. Sometimes the distance between the ship and the shore is not clearly defined, if it is to be calculated starting from the shore, but if it is calculated from the nearest city to the ship, then the city where the base is, is more than 50 miles from the ship, i.e. about 80 kilometers. What is the ruling on this distance, and should shortening of Salah (Prayers) be based on the distance from the city or the shore, bearing in mind that the shore can not be seen by the naked eye?

A: The distance calculated for this, is the distance traveled from the place of residence. So if the distance between home and the place they are heading to is considered a traveling distance, all the Rukhsah (concessions) of a journey can be taken, such as shortening and combining Salah, and the like.