Shortening Maghrib Salah

Q 3: If a ship berths in the harbor of a neighboring country, what is obligatory or preferable regarding shortening or completing Salah (Prayer)? And what about Sawm (Fasting), bearing in mind that some stays may be less than four days or more, and some times the period is not known?

A: If a ship berths in the harbor of another country, and the duration is fixed to more than four days, you should perform each Salah (Prayer) fully, in its due time, in congregation without shortening it. However, if you know that the duration is less than four days or is not determined, you may perform Salah in congregation and shorten the four-Rak`ah Salah (Prayers consisting of four units), combining every two (Part No. 8; Page No. 101) consecutive Salahs in the time of one of them, as we said in the answer to the second question.