Youngsters' Hajj as sufficient for vowing to perform Hajj

Q: When my cousin, who was a student in Al-Azhar, died, I said, "If Allah helps me travel to Saudi Arabia, I will perform Hajj on his behalf." When I did travel, I performed Hajj for myself. Two months later, my father, who had a strong wish to perform Hajj also died. I performed Hajj on his behalf and on behalf of his father [i.e. My grandfather. Ed.]. When I intended later to perform Hajj on my cousin's behalf, I could not because of the resolution stating that a person is not allowed to perform Hajj except every five years. (Part No. 23; Page No. 302) When I returned to my home country, I said, "If I travel to Saudi Arabia again, I will perform Hajj on behalf of my maternal and paternal grandmothers. However, the law here does not permit this and it is the last year of my residence in Saudi Arabia. On whose behalf should I perform Hajj? Should I perform it on behalf of my maternal grandmother? I should mention that I have an 11 year old son and a 12 -year old daughter who performed Hajj when they were young. Is it permissible for the three of us to perform Hajj on behalf of the three said persons? Please, advise me before the time of Hajj arrives. May Allah reward you!

A: Your statement is considered a promise, not a vow. You should perform Hajj on behalf of your cousin to keep the promise.It is impermissible for your children to perform Hajj on behalf of the said persons, as it is acceptable unless they perform the obligatory Hajj on their behalf first after reaching the age of puberty. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.