Water pipe

Q: Your Eminence, eight months ago, I used to smoke the water pipe. One night I vomited after smoking a water pipe; I swore by Allah the Great that I will never smoke it again. Then I said: My wife will be unlawful for me if I returned to smoking it until I fix my farm and house. Until now, I have not finished fixing my farm. Later on, one night, not long ago, I agreed to meet some workers in a coffee shop, and I waited two hours for them, and I was surrounded with people smoking the water pipe that I was overwhelmed by the desire of smoking one, and I did. I hope that Your Eminence would give me the legal Fatwa in this regard as soon as possible. Am I to be blamed if I smoke it again, as I can not give it up?

A: Firstly, it is not permissible for you to smoke the water pipe due to its harmful effects in addition to health, social and economic harm it causes. Moreover, there are many proofs that support its impermissibility. (Part No. 22; Page No. 146) Secondly, you have to offer a Kaffarah (expiation) for breaking the oath of making your wife unlawful to you if you smoke the water pipe again, and for your swearing by Allah that you will never approach it, because this is similar to taking an oath. Hence, you should expiate by feeding ten poor people half a Sa` (1 Sa`=3 kg. Approx.) for each from the common food of your country, whether it is rice or any other food or clothing them. If you are unable to do that, you have to free a believing slave, and if you are unable, you have to fast for three days, and it is preferable for them to be consecutive. We advise you not to return to smoking this water pipe and obeying Satan or sitting with bad people. May Allah guide you to all goodness, and save you from the evil of your self and that of Satan!May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.