Washing an exported sheep to make the buyers believe it is raised locally

Q: We are a group of young men involved in the sheep trade market. We also deal in some types of sheep such as the Somali wild sheep which we wash, so that the buyer thinks that it is raised in Saudi Arabia and as such their price increases. If buyers were to know that these flocks of sheep were recently imported into the Kingdom, they would ask for a price cut, or perhaps not buy them at all. What is the ruling regarding our practice? What is the ruling regarding those who wash the sheep, knowing that this affects a price increase? May Allah reward you.

A: Indeed, this practice is a manner of cheating the buyer and is impermissible, for the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated, "He who cheats us is not of us.'' Subsequently, you must give up this practice, and be honest in your trade so that there will be blessings in your dealings and a fulfillment of your duty. (Part No. 13; Page No. 220)  May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.