Verifying a Muslim's sin to advise him

Q: One of my relatives told me about a man who works with my father in his private business. She told me that this man's wife says about him (her husband) that he does not offer Salah (Prayer) very often and watches indecent movies. This man's wife also wishes that I give him advice in this regard. When one of my relatives told me about this I felt sad and concerned about the matter. It should be noted that I advised him about abandoning Salah (Prayer) especially congregational Salah. (Part No. 26; Page No. 9) But I did not know about his watching indecent movies before then. To make certain that he does not offer Salah and watches indecent movies, I asked a female relative of his to check the matter. She is a close friend of that man's wife. We want to offer him advice this way. I would also like to tell my father about this man's behavior; because the harmful effects of sins are reaped during the worldly life before the Hereafter and their bad effect reaches sinners as well as other people. Since I would like to offer advice and fear that my father may suffer because of this, I did what I have mentioned.Your Eminence, the situation now is: My father feels angry with me. He tells me I have been spying on the man and it is not permissible for me to gather information about that man. He added that I should have taken care of my own family only, and that the man's wife thought her husband was going to marry a second wife and his prospective in-laws are gathering information about him. Is what I did considered an unlawful act of spying and what is the exact meaning of spying? All I meant was to enjoin good and forbid evil.

A: You have done well by offering advice and the gathering of information you have done to offer good advice for the mentioned man is not prohibited. In fact it is for the sake of offering advice.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.