The merit of Surah Al-Qadr

Q 7: It was narrated on the authority of `Aly (may Allah be pleased with him) that: Anyone who recites Surah Al-Qadr after `Isha' (Night) Prayer seven times Allah will cure him from every disease and seventy-thousand angels will ask forgiveness for him. Anyone who recites it three times on Friday before the Salah (Prayer) (Part No. 3; Page No. 134) Allah will add to the record of his good deeds the number of those who perform Jumu`ah (Friday) Prayer on that day. Some other merits were also stated, but what is mentioned is sufficient. May you explain the meaning of this Hadith, if it is Sahih (authentic)? When should the Surah be read exactly, before Fajr (Dawn) Prayer or before any Salah?

A: Al-Kinany cited the complete Hadith in his book Tanzih Al-Shari`ah, on the authority of `Aly, (may Allah be pleased with him) and commented: "Its chain of transmission includes Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Ibrahim Abu Al-Tayyib Al-Makhramy. He is Al-Baghdadi Al-Shafi`y who is mentioned in the book Al-Mizan and Lisan Al-Mizan, who had gone to Morocco and declared the ideology of Al-Mu`tazilah (a deviant Islamic sect claiming that those who commit major sins are in a state between belief and disbelief) that ended with him in exile; otherwise, he is a narrator unknown to me. The Hadith was also narrated on the authority of Muhammad ibn Humayd Al-Kharraz who is a Da`if (weak) narrator, and on the authority of Al-Hasan ibn `Aly ibn Abu Sa`id Al-`Adawy who is a liar, and on the authority of Muhammad ibn Sadaqah who is an unknown narrator."Thus, the Hadith in question is not Sahih (authentic) because its Sanad (chain of narrators) includes the narrators mentioned above.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.