The categories one should give the most priority in charitable spending due to their greatest reward

Q: Many benevolent people differ regarding the best way of charitable spending that earns one the highest reward. Is it Sadaqah (voluntary charity) extended to the poor and the needy? Is it provision of Iftar (breaking the Fast) for people observing Sawm? Is it contribution to projects supporting Islam and spreading Da`wah (call to Islam) to unveil the truth and warn against the opposing ways through the print and distribution of religious books, and sponsoring the Du`ah (callers to Islam) and similar relevant activities of calling to Allah (Glorified be He)? Please provide us with the legal ruling in this regard for the benefit of Muslims, as the one guiding to goodness will earn a reward similar to that of those who are guided by them and observe it. May Allah reward and safeguard you.

A: The ways of doing good are many, praise be to Allah. It is prescribed for a Muslim to do as much of them as they can in the hope of earning reward from Allah and helping fellow Muslims. Nevertheless, some ways of charitable spending may be better than others when urgently needed or when only a few people observe them, and similar criteria for determining the better way of spending. If it is possible for a Muslim to contribute to every way of charitable giving, it will be good.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.