Taking one's parents' permission to take part in Jihad

A: Jihad is one of the best deeds, so is obeying one's parents. Therefore, if anyone wants to go to Jihad, they should take their parents' permission first, if (Part No. 12; Page No. 16) they give them the permission to do so, then it is fine, if not, they should keep close to both or either of them, for this is also a kind of Jihad. However, the basic principle in this regard is what was narrated by Ibn Mas`ud (may Allah be pleased with him) that he said: I asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) “Which deed is most preferred to Allah?” He replied, “Offering Prayers on time.” I asked, “Then what?” He replied, “Honoring and obeying parents.” I again asked: “Then what?” He replied: “Offering Jihad in the cause of Allah.” ‘Abdullah added, “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) only told me about these and if I had asked more he would have told me more.” Agreed upon by Al-Bukhari and Muslim. It was also narrated on the authority of `Abdullah ibn `Amr (may Allah be pleased with both of them) that he said: A man came to Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) asking his permission (to participate) in Jihad, whereupon he (the Prophet) said, "Are your parents alive?" He said, "Yes." Thereupon he (the Prophet) said, "Then your Jihad is with them [i.e. by honoring and serving them. Ed.]" Related by Al-Bukhari, Al-Nasa'y, Abu Dawud and Al-Tirmidhy who classed this Hadith as Sahih (authentic). In another narration: (Part No. 12; Page No. 17)  A man came and said: "O Messenger of Allah! I came to contribute in Jihad with you, but I left my parents weeping". Whereupon the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to him: "Go back and make your parents smile as you have made them weep" Related by Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah. Further, it was narrated on the authority of Abu Sa`id (may Allah be pleased with him) That a man migrated to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) from Yemen. He (The Prophet) asked (him): "Do you have anyone (of your relatives) in Yemen?" He replied: "My parents". He asked: "Did they give you permission?" He replied: "No". He said: "Go back to them and ask for their permission, if they give you permission, then go to Jihad, otherwise be devoted to them." Related by Abu Dawud. In addition to this, Mu`awiyah ibn Jahimah Al-Sulamy narrated That Jahimah came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said: “O Messenger of Allah, I want to go to Jihad, and I have come to consult you.” He said, “Do you have a mother?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “Then stay close to her, for Paradise is at her feet [i.e. Paradise will be achieved on serving her and being kind to her. Ed.]” Related by Ahmad and Al-Nasa'y. All these evidences and other similar ones refer to the person for whom Jihad is not an individual obligation. (Part No. 12; Page No. 18) But if it becomes obligatory on a person and they refrain from offering it, this will be a sin, for there should be no obedience to any created being if it involves disobedience to the Creator. Among the things that make Jihad obligatory on a person is when the Imam [Muslim ruler] calls them for jihad, in this case they have to go to the front line.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.