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Sufi verses about the traits of Safy Al-Din

Q 1: A Yemeni fellow, who is a Masjid (mosque) Imam and a preacher in Al-Hubayqy village, one of the villages existing in the suburbs of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, told me that there are several poetic lines describing the attributes of Safy Al-Din ibn Ahmad that are circulated in the City of Sabr in Yemen during feasts and birthday celebrations wording: I am Ahmad, a descendant of Haydar and my grandfather is Al-Mustafa (the Prophet), whose grave is visited by peopleI have a Minbar (pulpit) in Jannah Al-Firdaws (The highest degree in Paradise) as I have power and position at the Throne (of Allah)To concur them and ruin their houses was the first to knock Khaybar down (Part No. 2; Page No. 96)  Do these stanzas include disbelief and invention of lies against Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He)?

A: What is mentioned in these stanzas includes outrageous excessiveness and claim of sharing Allah (Glorified be He) in His Throne and Sovereignty, which constitutes Kufr (disbelief) in Him (Glorified and Exalted be He). Therefore, such lines must not be recited and should be prevented and resisted.