Storing the books from the Masjid while it is being renovated

Q 1: After an Imam (leader of the congregational Prayer) had performed Salah (Prayer) with the people in a Musalla (a place for Prayer), he then locked the Musalla and took the books and carpets to his house, intending to keep them safe until it is reopened. If the time that the Musalla is locked becomes lengthy, is it obligatory for the Imam to send these books and carpets belonging to the Musalla to another Masjid (mosque) as they are Waqf (endowments) for the Sake of Allah, or are they specifically for this Musalla only and it is obligatory for him to keep them until it is reopened, if Allah so wills?

A: If the Masjid mentioned in the question is expected to be repaired and reopened for people to perform Salah, its furnishings and books should be safely kept until the repairs are completed. Then they should be put back, because they were given as Waqf especially for that Masjid. But if it is not expected to be repaired and reopened for Salah, the things belonging to it should be transferred to another Masjid. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.