Slaughtering a sheep for fun and claiming it died

Q 1: My grandfather was entrusted with some sheep which my father used to shepherd before reaching the age of puberty. One day he slaughtered one of them but did not eat it or benefit from it at all. In fact, it was no more than frivolous play. My father then told my grandfather that the sheep died and did not tell him about the truth. However, the sheep owner did not object to Allah's Decree. Now, both may father and grandfather are dead (may Allah be merciful to them). What should I do? If my father is liable to anything, how and out of whose property should it be paid and how should it be spent? Actually, I do not know the sheep owner. Answer us, may Allah reward you!

A: Since you do not know the sheep owner, you should give its price in charity on behalf of him out of your father's property that he left behind or out of your own money. In sha’a-Allah (if Allah wills), you will be rewarded for doing so.