Shortening and combining Salah for soldiers on their way home

Fatwa no. 15242 All Praise is due to Allah Alone, and peace be upon the Last of the Prophets. To commence:The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’ has studied the submitted question to His Eminence, the General President by the General Manager of the Religious Affairs of the Armed forces which is referred to the Committee from the General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Scholars No.1474 on 1 Rabia Thany, 1413 A.H., in which the questioner asks about the following:We had a question from those who work in Al-Salil base which reads as follows: They live in a school in Al-Dawasir Valley which is about 120 km away from their base headquarters. Their shift ends at 11: 30 A.M. (Part No. 6; Page No. 400) And then they go home to offer Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer at one o’clock. They ask about the ruling on shortening and combining Salah because the case is as mentioned. Should they offer Salah in congregation when they reach their residence and find that the people are performing Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer? Can they shorten and combine Salah if they missed the congregation and were tired from the travel? It is worth mentioning that the matter is being repeated daily when they go to work and come home? We hope that Your Eminence could give us a Fatwa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) in this regard. May Allah reward you.

After the Committee had studied the question, it answered with the permissibility of shortening and combining Salah on their way before they reach their headquarters. If they do not perform Salah on their way, it is not permissible for them to shorten or combine Salah and they have to offer Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer in complete form when they reach their homes. If they arrive when their people have not yet performed Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer, they have to offer Salah with them. As for ‘Asr (Afternoon) Prayer, if they do not combine it with Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer on their way, they must delay Salah to perform it with the people at its due time.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.