Ruling on pronouncing additional words before or after Adhan

(Part No. 2; Page No. 500)  A: It is well known that Islam is based on adherence rather than innovation. This is supported by the Prophet's statement (peace be upon him): Whoever introduces a practice into this affair of ours that is not of it, it is to be rejected. According to another narration: If anybody introduces a practice which is not religiously authenticated, it is to be rejected. He also stated: Beware of novelties (in religion) for every novelty is a Bid`ah (rejected innovation). As we know, the legislated Adhan consists of seventeen words in Fajr Prayer and fifteen in other prayers.Therefore, any addition to what is authentically proven, before or after Adhan, is considered a repudiated act of Bid`ah, and whoever practices it should be reprimanded. The words of the Adhan are much more eloquent and inspiring. They are also more effective in awakening worshippers than such words. How powerful and effective when a Mu'adhin proclaims: "Hay `Ala Al-Salah" (Come for prayer) twice and "Hay `Ala Al-Falah" (Come to success) twice after reminding of Allah's Might and Esteem. Accordingly, if a Mu'adhin pronounces such additional words like "Pray", or "Prayer" while pronouncing the Adhan, he should be confronted in order to protect what is sound from what is a baseless act of Bid`ah and innovation.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.