Is reciting the Qur'an Wajib or Mustahab?

Q: What is the ruling on reciting the Qur'an; is it Wajib (obligatory) or Mustahab (desirable)? What is the ruling on someone who abandons reciting it; is this Haram (prohibited) or Makruh (disliked)?

(Part No. 4; Page No. 104)  A: Firstly, Allah sent down the Qur’an for us to believe in, learn, recite, contemplate, and act according to it. We should judge by it and always refer to it. We should seek healing through it from the ills and impurities of the heart, and benefit ourselves from the numerous wisdoms divinely intended by revealing it.People may abandon the Qur’an by disbelieving in it, and not listening or paying attention to it. Some may believe in it, but do not study it. Some may study it, but do not recite it. Some may recite it, but do not ponder it. Some may ponder it, but do not act according to it by not deeming what it declares Halal (lawful) as Halal or what it declares Haram as Haram, or do not judge by it, or refer to it, or seek relief from spiritual and physical diseases from it. Thus, the gravity of the abandonment of the Qur’an is proportionate to how far people remove themselves away from it, as explained previously.A servant must always be mindful of Allah and try to benefit from the Qur’an as far as possible, in all domains. Any goodness they may miss is proportionate to their degree of abandonment of the Qur’an. As for reciting the Qur’an, it is prescribed and it is Mustahab to do it as often as possible and to finish a Khatmah (one complete reading of the entire Qur'an) once a month, but this is not Wajib.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.