Is it permissible to visit the divorcee and her children?

Q 5: If a man divorces his wife and they have children, is it permissible for him to visit her?

A: If a man grants his wife a revocable divorce, he is permitted to visit her, sit in Khulwah (being alone with a member of the opposite sex) with her, and see any part of her body, as long as she is still in her `Iddah (woman's prescribed waiting period after divorce), whether they have children or not. However, if the `Iddah comes to an end, she is considered a non-Mahram (not a spouse or an unmarriageable relative) for him. Accordingly, it is impermissible for him to sit in Khulwah with her or see any part of her body, except what is permissible for an Ajnabi (man lawful for the woman to marry). If he divorces her in return for money or divorces her three times, she is irrevocable to him and is considered a non-Mahram. In this latter case, it is impermissible for him to sit in Khulwah with her. In case he wants to see his children, he should seek a way other than Khulwah; for example, he can send for his adult children to come to him, send a woman from his Mahrams (spouse or unmarriageable relative) to bring his children to him, or visit his ex-wife in the presence of one of her Mahrams. (Part No. 20; Page No. 40) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.