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Q 1: What is the ruling on financing Arabic Islamic schools that provide Islamic education for young Muslims to relieve them from non-religious schools and protect them from the dangers of foreign or local attitudes defying Islam? Is it obligatory or just voluntary to support these schools? If it is obligatory, is it an individual or collective obligation? And who has to undertake it as an individual obligation and who has to undertake it as a collective obligation?

A: First, providing beneficial religious education and sciences to young Muslims to relieve them from joining irreligious or non-Islamic schools, and protect their beliefs and morals, and safeguard them against dangers of the local and foreign cultural attitudes opposing Islam, is a collective obligation that is incumbent upon the entire Muslim nation; rulers or peoples, scholars or the wealthy. They should all work on that; everyone according to his ability, power, influence, insight, and knowledge of the basics and details of Islam both theoretically and practically. Likewise, those who have wealth should undertake their duty in this regard. Thus, financing the building and processes of education of these schools is obligatory upon Muslims. (Part No. 12; Page No. 215) Basically, it is a collective duty on the entire nation; when some of them do it, they are rewarded and the others are exempted from the duty. However, if no one undertakes it, those who are aware of the needs of these schools and are able to support them financially and scientifically, will be considered sinful.Those who do not know the ruling or are not able to support them should convey and announce the needs of these schools inviting wealthy Muslims to support them. Thus, they are not sinful, but rewarded for the efforts done to revive and support them according to the available capacity. In some cases, financing these schools may be an individual obligation on specific governments or Islamic groups because of the awareness of these unions and their schools when the government or the group has the necessary wealth and power. Thus, this government or group should exert effort, power, and money for the sake of reviving these schools and maintaining them in order to undertake their duty toward young Muslims.