Financing Arabic Islamic schools

Q 2: Does spending on the said Arab Islamic schools include spending on the establishing of classrooms, providing the necessary books and equipment, and the salaries of teachers, workers, and students? (Part No. 12; Page No. 216) Is spending on the union that sponsors these schools, helps carry out their tasks, and protects them, considered like spending on the schools themselves?

A 2 : Spending on the already-established schools or those under construction for the purpose mentioned previously in the first question and its answer, includes all the necessities required for carrying out this task. For example, furnishing classrooms, buying or printing books, necessary educational tools and salaries of teachers and workers and the needs of the students to keep their attention on education. This also includes the administrative bodies that directly provide organization and supervision such as managers, inspectors and supervisors; or indirectly such as union members that sponsors theses schools, help carry out their tasks, defend them, and the physical facilities.In short, the obligatory spending includes what guarantees the success of these schools in carrying out their Islamic duties towards the Muslim children, providing them with useful education in their spiritual and worldly affairs, preparing them to assume the efforts required for spreading Islam and protecting them from Kufr (disbelief) and atheism.