Is it lawful to accept an invitation when it involves a Munkar?

Q 3: You know that wedding ceremonies nowadays include unwise practices and extravagance in food. Is it permissible for me to attend such weddings while knowing beforehand that there will be such extravagance? Is it permissible for me to allow my wife to go to the wedding bearing in mind that the groom and some of his male family members on the so-called wedding procession enter the place of women? What is the ruling on this, may Allah reward you well?

A: If the wedding includes such practices you described, such as extravagance in food and free mixing of the sexes in the so-called wedding procession, you may not attend it or permit your wife to attend it. This is unless you are of a powerful and influential personality that you can change evil practices and guide attendants to the truth and what is right. In such a case, you may, or even must, attend in order to establish the truth and eliminate evil. The same applies to your wife. Indeed, Allah is the One who guides to the right path. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.