Inviting to the Walimah whoever does not abide by good morals

Q 4: There is a Muslim man who wants to celebrate concluding his marriage contract. He will abide in this celebration by separating the places of men and women. (Part No. 19; Page No. 100) Is it permissible for him to invite his sister to this party though she does not abide by the proper legal dress? Inviting her to this party means that she will come while she is wearing such clothes. She may also go to style her hair. Can he invite his paternal uncle's wife or his maternal uncle's wife who do not abide by proper legal dress? If his paternal or maternal uncle will not come except with their wives, will it be permissible to invite their wives in order not to sever the ties of relationship with them? If he does not invite any of them, will he be regarded as a person who severs his kin relationships? If he does not agree to invite them, but his father insists on that, will he be committing a sin for that because it is his marriage contract?

A: If the reality of the sister is as you have mentioned, and the party will be according to what you have said and that she will not abide by proper legal dress and morals, you are not allowed to invite her. Moreover, you are recommended to advise her and point out to her that you will not invite her because of her improper dress in order that Allah may guide her to what is good. You are not also blamed for abstaining from inviting any other female relative who will not abide by proper legal dress even if your father asks you to invite them. If you do so, you will not be regarded as a person who severs his kin ties. Moreover, you are not required to obey your parents in this regard. This is because you are required to obey them only in Ma`ruf (that which is judged as good, beneficial, or fitting by Islamic law and Muslims of sound intellect). Doing so is not a kind of Ma`ruf. (Part No. 19; Page No. 101) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.