Husband's desire to end his wife's pregnancy and the wife helping him

Q: I am an Egyptian and I live with my husband in Germany. We have been living there for seven years. He was almost driven to insanity when he knew that I got pregnant. He started looking for a hospital where I had to have an abortion. That happened three months after I became pregnant. I responded to his desire to have an abortion. He said that he could not afford to raise a child as raising children in Germany needs a great deal of money. It is worth mentioning that he has a child from an Austrian wife who eats pork, drinks Khamr (intoxicant), and knows nothing about Islam; and my husband supports him and brings him what he asks for. Being a stereotype of a westerner, my husband too is a habitual drinker. I have tried many times to convince him to give up this sort of life, but to no avail. As I am Multazim (a practicing Muslim) who loves her religion, am I prohibited to continue my life with him? Am I prohibited to ask for a Talaq (divorce pronounced by a husband) and go back home? What is the ruling on his desire not to have children from me?

A: First, you have both committed a sinful act when you decided to abort the baby on account of your husband's lack of desire to have children. You should not have agreed to that. Second, there is no blame on you if you ask for a Talaq from your husband who drinks Khamr and eats pork. (Part No. 19; Page No. 332) If he is content to pronounce Talaq, the problem will be solved; otherwise separation may take place by means of resorting to the Court of Shari`ah. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.