Having a white discharge at any time

Q: A white transparent liquid flows from me at any time. (Part No. 4; Page No. 246) This disturbs and perplexes me. I went to a female gynecologist who said that this is normal. I became sure that this fluid was not dangerous. However, the problem is Salah (Prayer), for this fluid is discharged at no specific time. Sometimes, it flows while I offer Salah, so that I interrupt my Salah to change my clothes and renew my Wudu' (ablution), but at other times, I complete the Salah. I fear that my Salah and Wudu' are defective. Moreover, I cannot feel Khushu` (the heart being submissively attuned to the act of worship) while offering Salah. I hope you can guide me to what I can do about this.

A: The fluid referred to in the question invalidates the Wudu'. So when you intend to offer Salah, you should make Istinja' (cleansing the private parts with water after urination or defecation) and pad the urethra to prevent its spread and then you can make Wudu' and offer Salah. If this fluid comes out while you are offering Salah, you should leave Salah and do as we mentioned before, then continue your Salah. This is so unless this fluid comes out continuously, in this case you are to complete your Salah, even if it comes out, for it will be like urinary incontinence. This applies if you perform Wudu' when the time of Salah is due. Anyone who is in a continuous state of Hadath (ritual impurity that invalidates ablution) due to continuous urine, Istihadah (abnormal vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual or post-partum period) and the like should perform Wudu' when the time of each Salah is due and then offer the Salah. Whatever comes out of them during the time of Salah will have no effect, as long as they suffer from a permanent state of Hadath as previously mentioned.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.