Following superstitions and believing it is Ruqyah

Q: Some Bedouins use Satanic superstitions and believe that they are legitimate Ruqyah (reciting Qur'an and saying supplications over the sick seeking healing) to treat people afflicted with the evil eye. The process runs as follows:Seven pebbles should be collected along with a piece of leather and white alum which is known well by spice merchants. Such materials are to be gathered in one bundle and turned around the head of the patient afflicted with the evil eye seven times while saying the following words:"First in the name of Allah, second in the name of Allah, third in the name of Allah..." until they complete seven counts in the same way. Afterwards the alum is to be put in the fire and upon boiling they claim that such alum reflects the image of the person whose evil eye afflicted the patient. If the person is a man, the alum will reflect the image of his eye or his genitals and if the person is a woman, her genitals will be reflected.Shaykh, we hope you will refute those people and advise them.

A: These acts are all Satanic acts and they are of the superstitions that Satan ornaments in the eyes of those people and they are not legitimate treatments as they assume. Therefore, such acts should be denied, whoever practices such an act should be forbidden to do so and they should be reported to the concerned authorities in order to stop such practices and punish whoever is involved in them. (Part No. 1; Page No. 111) May Allah grant us Success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.