Adding the phrase: 'Prayer is better than sleep' for the Fajr Adhan

Q: Is the Tathwib (saying "As-Salatu khayrun mina-nawm [Prayer is better than sleep]" in the call to Fajr (Dawn) Prayer said in the first or second Adhan? The reason for this question is that our brothers in Khartoum read what is mentioned in the book entitled Subul Al-Salam (Paths to Peace), that this phrase is to be said in the first Adhan, unlike what the Muslims nowadays do, especially in Saudi Arabia, the leader of Muslims in following the Qur'an and Sunnah.

(Part No. 6; Page No. 59)  A: Some of the Hadiths that were mentioned about this topic were ranked by scholars of Jarh and Ta`dil (criticism and validating the uprightness of Hadith narrators) as defective, while others were corrected. On the other hand, there is evidence that Tathwib is said in the first Adhan, and there is also evidence that it is said in the second Adhan. Al-Sarraj, Al-Tabarany, and Al-Bayhaqy narrated from Ibn `Ajlan, from Nafi`, from Ibn `Umar that he said, The first Adhan included saying "As-Salatu khayrun mina-nawm" twice after "Hayya `ala Al-Salah, Hayya `ala Al-Falah (come to Salah, come to success). Ibn Hajar said, "Its Sanad (chain of narrators) is Hasan (a Hadith whose chain of narration contains a narrator with weak exactitude, but is free from eccentricity or blemish)." Al-Ya`mury said, "Its Isnad is authentic." Ibn Khuzaymah, Al-Daraqutny, and Al-Bayhaqy narrated from Anas that he said, It is a Sunnah that when the Mua'dhin says: 'Hayya `ala Al-Falah' on calling to the Fajr Prayer, a Muslim should say: 'Assalatu khayrun mina-nawm'. Al-Ya`mury said, "Its Isnad is authentic." Imam Baqy ibn Makhlad said that Yahya ibn `Abdul-Hamid narrated from Abu Bakr ibn `Ayyash from `Abdul-`Aziz ibn Rafi` that he heard Abu Mahdhurah saying, When I was a young boy, I called to the Fajr Adhan in front of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) on the day of the Battle of Hunayn. (Part No. 6; Page No. 60) When I reached the phrase 'Hayya `ala Al-Falah', he said, "Add the phrase 'Assalatu khayrun mina-nawm.'" Related by Al-Nasa'y with another Sanad from Abu Ja`far, from Abu Sulayman, from Abu Mahdhurah, and classified as authentic by Ibn Hazm. It can be said that the evidence on saying Tathwib in the first Adhan and also in the second Adhan was first mentioned regarding the first Adhan, and then it was settled to be said in the second Adhan, as all evidence imply. It may be that what is meant by the first Adhan is Adhan, not Iqamah (call to begin the Prayer), as Iqamah is referred to as the second Adhan, and as the Hadith states, A person can offer Salah between every two Adhans. This is proven by the Hadith narrated from `Aishah in the Sunan (Hadith compilations classified by jurisprudential themes) of Abu Dawud. It shows that what is meant by the first Adhan is the second Fajr Adhan, and it was called the first to distinguish between it and the Iqamah. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.