Traveling to study and living with non-Muslims

Q 1: Is it permissible to go to America to study?

A: It is not permissible to obtain knowledge except from trustworthy and qualified people, especially the knowledge of Islam and Arabic. This knowledge is available –praise be to Allah– in Muslim countries, so it is not permissible to go to non-Muslim countries (Part No. 12; Page No. 138) to study these subjects. However, it is permissible to travel for the purpose of studying if one can not manage to learn from Muslims in Muslim countries. This is so regarding worldly subjects such as medicine, engineering, and so on, and if trustworthy specialists can not be brought to Muslim countries to teach Muslim students and your nation is in need of these sciences, so that after graduating, the specialists can serve any need that exists. If so, there will be no need to bring in non-Muslim specialists to stay in the country. You may go to such countries as long as you have a solid grounding in your religion and Islamic culture and there is no fear that you will succumb to Fitnah (temptation) during your time of studying in non-Muslim lands and the period of time which you will spend among them. If this is the case, it is permissible for you to go and study in the lands of Kufr; America and other countries are the same in this regard.