Fasting during Ramadan and breaking the fast during the `Eid as interrupting the successiveness of fasting for two months as Kaffarah

Fatwa no. 18921 I had an accident that resulted in killing two people. Asking Your Eminence about a Fatwa on this, you mentioned that I have to fast two consecutive months as Kaffarah (expiation) for not finding a slave to emancipate for each person. I began fasting from 29 / 4 / 1417 A.H. However, the month of Ramadan will soon begin - in sha’a-Allah (if Allah wills) - while there still remains a day or two that I have to fast. My questions can be summarized as follows:1- If Ramadan begins while there still remain a few days that I have to fast, should I make up for them after Ramadan or should I consider the first days of Ramadan a completion to the days of Kaffarah and then make up for the days missed from Ramadan afterwards? 2- If I am on a journey, is it permissible for me not to observe fasting?3- If I fall ill, Allah forbid, and am given an injection or have blood drawn from me for a blood analysis, does this spoil my previous days fasting or only the fasting of the day when I was ill? 4- During one of my fasting days (i.e. during the ninth day of fasting for the Kaffarah, I - kissing my wife - discharged Wady (a thick white secretion discharged by some men after urination) or Madhy (pre-seminal fluid). Does this invalidate the fasting of the very day or of all the previous days, (Part No. 21; Page No. 285) or not?

A: First: With the beginning of Ramadan, you should observe fasting with the intention of fasting Ramadan. Then, you should resume Kaffarah fasting on the day following the day of `Eid so as to complete the remaining days of Kaffarah. Second: If you travel while observing Kaffarah fasting, it is permissible for you to break the consecutive of fasting, knowing that this does not affect such consecution. Third: If the discharge that came out of you was Maniy (spermatic fluid), your fast is invalid. In such case, you should restart fasting the determined period on the day following that day. On the other hand, if the discharge that came out of you was Madhy (pre-seminal fluid), your fast is still valid according to the soundest opinion.May Allah grant us success, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet and his family and Companions!