Expiation for someone hearing a child crying but not waking her parents who found her dead in the morning

Q: One of my relatives lived with us in (Part No. 21; Page No. 282) the same house 20 years ago. He had a four-month-old daughter. My wife heard this girl crying late at night and thought that her family was awake. In the morning, they found the girl dead. When they did not find anyone to wash or bury her, my wife undertook that task with another person. However, my wife was still in her post-partum period.Is my wife blameworthy for not awaking the family of the girl once she heard the girl crying? Is she obliged to do anything, as she washed the dead while she has having her post-partum period? What do her parents incur in this case? Please advise. May Allah reward you.

A: Washing the dead girl is a good act that the woman will be rewarded for - In sha’a-Allah (if Allah wills). Being in her post-partum period does not affect her action. There is no blame on parents of the girl as long as they are not responsible for her death. Also, there is no blame on the person who heard her crying and did not awaken her family assuming that they were already awake.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, his family, and Companions.