Contracting marriage only in Masjids

Q: What is your opinion concerning holding marriage ceremonies in Masjids (mosques)? In these ceremonies men and women attend but each has a separate place. After concluding the marriage contract, some people give a religious sermon then sweets are distributed to the attendees. Later on, everyone congratulates the bride and groom then leave. It should be noted that children and some women and men who are not committed to Islamic religious teachings attend these ceremonies. We also notice that many religious brothers in Egypt insist on concluding the marriage contract in this way.What is the right thing with regard to this issue? We hope you will explain all the sides of this issue and provide us with evidence so that everyone might benefit, In sha’a-Allah (if Allah wills).

A: It is not of the Sunnah to conclude the marriage contract in a Masjid, and concluding it regularly inside Masjids and believing that it is an act of Sunnah is itself a Bid`ah (innovation in religion). It is authentically reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him) that he said, He who innovates things in our affairs for which there is no valid (reason) (commits sin) and these are to be rejected. (Part No. 18; Page No. 112) If this marriage contract is attended by women displaying their charm and children messing around in Masjids, it has to be prevented because of the evils it involves.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.