Being forced to listen to music

Q: What should I do when I ride a car where Haram (prohibited) songs are played? Likewise, what should I do when I visit relatives or friends at their homes where such songs are played?

A: It is Wajib (obligatory) on you to advise the owner or driver of such a car to listen to things other than such Haram songs for hopefully they may respond to you and give up that sin. Otherwise, you have to leave the car, abandon such vain, and protect yourself against hearing Munkar (that which is unacceptable or disapproved of by Islamic law and Muslims of sound intellect). However, if for any reason it is difficult for you to get out of the car; you will not be to blame for remaining in it.Regarding your relatives and friends at their homes where such songs are played, you have to advise them to give this up as well. If they respond to your advice, all praise be to Allah Alone. Otherwise, you will have to forsake them to keep away from Munkar and its perpetrators.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.