Bearing the name Qamarul Anbiya'

Q: My name is Qamarul Anbiya' Al-Sanusy. I worked as an auditor in Jeddah eight years ago. When I went to renew my identity card, they asked me to change my name or (Part No. 11; Page No. 483) to bring a legal Fatwa that permits me to use this name. We consider this name to be a compound name like Sayf-ul-Islam, in Sudan. This name is one of the attributes of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It means that he is the moon of the prophets. It is similar to other names of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as Abu Al-Qasim. I Would like to know the ruling in this regard as all my papers bear this name such as the university certificate, birth certificate, identity card, and passport.

A: It is not permissible to call yourself by this name. You have to take the proper measures to change your name to another one that is not legally prohibited according to official bodies such as Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman and the like.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.