An estate left by a deceased who bequeathed that part of its yield should be assigned to cover the expenses of Hajj for seven people, yet the yield ca

Q: I have inherited a legacy from my father who inherited it from my grandfather. My grandfather had made a will to my father that seven people should perform Hajj from this legacy. My father made a will to me to do the same, but he told me that he did not know the specific people; their names or whether they are males or females. The value of the legacy is not sufficient to pay the costs of performing one Hajj. I hope you will advise me about the means to fulfill this commitment. Am I legally obliged to pay for the Hajj expenses of seven people from my own money if the legacy is not sufficient? How can I offer Hajj on behalf of people I do not know?

A: We recommend that you collect the returns that the land owner is entitled to, in order to perform Hajj for one of the seven people whenever there is enough money to pay the costs, (Part No. 16; Page No. 166) till the seven times are fulfilled. After this, the land would be available to the heirs of your grandfather and father according to legal inheritance. This would be with the intention of performing Hajj on behalf of the people that your grandfather wanted. However, you are not obliged to do this by yourself or from your own money; rather, it has to be done from the returns of the land. However, if you pay it from your own money, Allah will reward you well. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions.