An agent selling the commodity for a higher price than that fixed by the owner and taking the increase

Q 7: I have a trade and contracting company. I usually travel to Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, or any foreign country to hire workers. I agree with them to give the worker a monthly salary of, for example, 800 or 1000 SR. Sometimes some other employer wants to hire these workers in return for 2000 SR; I give the worker 1000 SR and keep the rest to myself as profit; is this permissible? It should be noted that the owner of the company pays much to bring workers and is responsible for bringing them from far areas and for their actions before the state and in any disputes.

A: It is permissible for the person who leases the services of someone for a specific monthly salary, to lease his services to another person in return for getting more money. This transaction involves leasing of interests, which is permissible in the Shari`ah. However, the work which the worker is asked to do for the other person should be similar to the type of work he has been hired for in the contract.