Adhering to Islamic morals and abstaining from imitating disbelievers

A: Muslims, whether men or women, should adhere to their distinctive Islamic code of ethics and should follow the proper Islamic manner in matters related to their joys and sorrows, clothing, food and drink and all other affairs of life. Muslim women are forbidden to imitate Kafir (disbelieving) women in wearing skin tight clothes that barely cover their private parts or wearing transparent apparel that describe their private parts or short clothes that leave their breasts, arms, necks, head, and face uncovered. Muslims are also forbidden to imitate the disbelievers' manner of eating with the left hand or joining meals with non-Mahram women during which men may have fun and enjoy themselves with others' wives. Muslims are not permitted to imitate the disbelievers' manner of holding wedding parties during which the groom enters upon his bride (Part No. 3; Page No. 428) in the company of a photographer who takes different position photos of the women sitting with the bride. In addition to the resulting prohibition of photographing animate beings, this act provides a chance for photographers to see the beautiful adornments women are supposed to hide from the eyes of men. It also provides a chance for the prohibited intermixing of men and women. The Islamic Shari`ah forbids such customs and traditions and forbids Muslim men and women from imitating the disbelievers. Muslims are obliged to adhere to their religion and to follow the proper Islamic code of life. The Prophet (peace be upon him) left no good act but recommended us to do it and no evil act but warned us from doing it. Based on the Prophet's order, we are forbidden from copying the customs and traditions of the disbelievers. Unless the Prophet's order is obeyed, Fitnah (sedition) and wide corruption will spread on earth.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions!