Wages that are earned for working

Q: I work as an architect for a pious and virtuous man. Very recently his business activities have been expanded. He bought carpets, chairs and lamps to hire out for wedding ceremonies. 1- Is it permissible for me to work for this man as an organizer of wedding ceremonies which are often associated with music, drum beating and playing of songs? 2- Is there any doubt about the lawfulness of the money I charge from the owner of this institution? 3- Is it permissible to rent out any of the buildings constructed by the institution for the purpose of holding wedding ceremonies? Give us your Fatwa, may Allah reward you with the best.

A: The basic rule regarding various transactions like selling, buying, renting and the like is that they are permissible. Prohibition only materializes upon the existence of evidence. Some forms of transactions have been forbidden on the basis of evidence. Accordingly, anything that is inherently forbidden or provides a means for doing something unlawful (Part No. 14; Page No. 459) or is sought as a means to do something unlawful is basically prohibited. If the person who hires these things is more likely to use them for prohibited purposes like playing music, or beating drums or allowing free intermixing between men and women or playing vulgar songs, it will be prohibited to hire them out. There is nothing wrong, however, if women use Duff (a tambourine-like instrument without bells) in a wedding ceremony as it is part of the marriage announcement. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.