Throwing the pebbles in order

Q: On the third day of Hajj, I and many others threw all the three Jamarat (pillars at which are stoned during Hajj, Jamarat-ul-`Aqabah being the closest to Makkah) before Zhuhr (Noon) Prayer. Thereafter, I heard the loudspeaker proclaiming it is impermissible to throwing the pebbles (at the pebble-throwing area during Hajj) until after Zhuhr Prayer. Therefore, I threw Al-Jamrah Al-Wusta (second or middle pebble-throwing area) and Al-Jamrah Al-Kubra (largest pebble-throwing area; Jamarat-ul-`Aqabah) again after the Zhuhr Prayer. Having forgetfully overlooked throwing Al-Jamrah Al-Sughra (first or smallest pebble-throwing area), I threw it at Al-Jamarat-ul-Wusta and Jamarat-ul-`Aqabah.Your Eminence, am I liable for anything for doing so? Is this Hajj I intended on behalf of a certain woman valid? May Allah safeguard you!

A: You are liable for Fidyah (compensation) for not throwing the pebbles in order as you threw Al-Jamarat-ul-Wusta and Jamarat-ul-`Aqabah before Al-Jamrah Al-Sughra.The Fidyah is a sheep meeting the same conditions for Ud-hiyah (sacrificial animal offered by non-pilgrims), one-seventh of a cow or one-seventh of a camel to be slaughtered in Makkah and distributed among the poor inhabitants of the Haram (all areas within the Sacred Sanctuary of Makkah). If this is unfeasible, you must observe Sawm (Fast) for ten days. As for doubting whether the pebbles you threw hit the pillar or not, it does not affect the validity of the throwing the pebbles if they fell within the enclosure surrounding the pillars.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.