The way to increase faith

Q 2: It is admittedly true that faith increases and decreases. However, I suffer from weakness of faith and harshness of the heart. How can I strengthen my faith and soften my heart, and submit my limbs humbly to Allah amidst the world's temptations? Dear Shaykh! Kindly elaborate on this matter. May Allah reward you!

A: Faith indeed increases if a person obeys Allah and decreases if they disobey Him. So, you should be keen to preserve offering the obligatory prayers in congregation, pay Zakah willingly as a means to expiate sins, (Part No. 3; Page No. 254) be merciful to the poor and the needy. You should keep company of pious and righteous people who may prove helpful to you in applying the rulings of Shari`ah and guide you to attain happiness in life and in the Hereafter. You should avoid innovators and sinners lest they should beguile you into temptations and weaken your enthusiastic nature of benevolence. Do as many voluntary acts of goodness as you are able to, resort to Allah, and ask Him to grant you success. Once you do this, Allah will increase your faith, reward you for the pious deeds you might have missed, grant you more favors and hold you firm on the straight path of Islam.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet, his family, and companions!