The so-called Supplication of the Throne

Q: In the recent years, the Du`a' (supplication) of Allah's Throne has been spreading widely. Attached is a copy of this Du`a'. What is the ruling on this Du`a' and on saying and publishing it? Please advise, may Allah reward you with the best!

A: The Du`a' called "The Du`a' of Allah's Throne and its merits" is an innovated Du`a' which has neither an origin nor evidence from the Qur'an and the Sunnah (whatever is reported from the Prophet). Also, it has no reliable reference. In fact, it was written by an anonymous person and includes falsehood and lies, such as: "I ask You with Your Name, which is written on the wing of Jibril (Gabriel), on Mika'il (Michael), on the forehead of Israfil, and on the palm of `Izra'il, with which You have named Yourself Munkar and Nakir and by the right of the secrets of Your Servants." It also includes false promises to tempt the people and urge them to say it, such as: "Whoever says this Du`a' once, Allah will resurrect them in the Hereafter with shining faces...", "even if their sins are as much as the seawater and the rain drops...", "they will have the reward of a thousand acceptable `Umrah (lesser pilgrimage)", "if a fearful person reads it, (Part No. 24; Page No. 273) Allah will make them safe; if a thirsty or hungry person reads it, Allah will give them drink and food; if a disabled person carries it, they will be cured; if a woman carries it, her husband will be good with her; and they will be safe from the jinn, people, devils, illness, and pain; and if an absent person reads it, they will return to their families,..." and many more lies. These are calls for wearing amulets and being attached to things other than Allah.Thus, it is obligatory to prevent its circulation, get rid of the printed copies, and punish whoever promotes it among the people. It is a call to spread Bid`ahs (innovations in religion), myths, and wearing amulets.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.