The meanings of 'Al-‘Adhar', 'Al-‘Anfaqah', and 'Mawdi‘ Al-Tahdhif' and the difference between Al-Fasd and Al-Safd

Q 4: What are the meanings of these Arabic words: "Al-‘Adhar", "Al-‘Anfaqah", and "Mawdi‘ Al-Tahdhif"? What is the difference between Al-Fasd and Al-Safd?

A: Al-‘Adhar has different meanings, one of which is the hair from a beard that grows on the sides of the face and another is the part of a bridle on a horse’s cheek. It also refers to the food eaten when consummating a marriage or circumcision. For more information, refer to the Arabic lexicons.Al-‘Anfaqah is the hair of a beard under the bottom lip above the hair on the chin.Al-Fasd is opening a vein to release blood. Al-Safd is binding or tying. Al-Sifad are the chains that bind a captive. Al-Asfad are chains.As for the meanings of Al-Hazf and Mawdi‘ Al-Tahdhif, please refer to the Arabic dictionaries and books of prosody.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.